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The power of peace

Peace is a Predominant Founding Principle

The chief designer of the Great Seal, Charles Thomson, said,
"The Olive branch and arrows denote the power of peace & war."

Charles Thomson's writing

What's more, the American Eagle looks toward the olive branch,
this ancient symbol of peace held in its stronger talon.

Since ancient times, holding out an an olive branch has signaled peaceful intentions – as in Virgil's Aeneid, the epic story of the founding of Rome.

During the American Revolution, the olive branch was used in political drawings as well as on paper money. The back of Maryland's $16 bill (below) issued in 1775 shows America and Britannia holding an olive branch.

Emblem on Maryland $16 note (1775)

In a final attempt to avoid war with England, the Continental Congress sent what's been called the "Olive Branch Petition" to King George on July 8, 1775. A few months later, he rejected it. And the rest is history.

America offers an olive branch. See visions of peace after the Revolution.

Jefferson's 1792 Diplomatic Medal:
"To Peace and Commerce"

Visit the Temple of Peace.

Check out the great seals on George Washington's Indian Peace Medals.

The white dove of peace carries an olive branch.

Peace on Moon

Peace in Womb

Back cover

"Peace begins in the womb. The newborn reflects this truth. Order is transferred from cell to tissue, to organs, to organisms, to families, communities, and nations. Unfortunately, when development is violated in the womb... the social and economic impacts are incalculable."

– Theo Colborn   
author of Our Stolen Future   


Historical content is based on the official history of the Great Seal.
Author and webwright: John D. MacArthur